1970s Vintage Leblanc Low-Eb Bass Clarinet #12200

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Product ID: 12200LeblancLowEbBassClarTC

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Grenadilla Wood Pro-Line Bass Clarinet
Here we have a vintage Leblanc low-Eb bass clarinet with nickel plated keys and a two-piece grenadilla wood body, serial number #12200. These instruments were made throughout the 1960s and 70s for the professional line market in Europe, there were also low-C models. This one, manufactured in 1977, is playing decently down to low Eb, so we are going to offer it in as-is condition with an option to overhaul.
These Leblanc bass clarinets play great with a rich texture in the low range, as you raise your dynamics it becomes more edgy. In the clarion register and above, this clarinet is really expressive, similar to a Selmer low-Eb, where the Buffet may feel more locked in across the break. The altissimo notes slot in very nicely in many alternate fingerings as well making it a great fit for everybody.
The pads on this one are a mix of partial repads over the years, some pads are potentially original. None of the mechanisms feel particularly sluggish, but there's plenty of room for improvement! We would suggest getting an overhaul on this horn eventually to get a uniform feel, clean up the key-action, and rehydrate the wood.
If you'd like to have Saxquest complete the work on this instrument, we've added an option to do so on this listing. Please allow for a 10-week turnaround on the repair work if you decide to go with this option.
We will ship this bass clarinet in as-is condition unless noted otherwise. With it, we will include the original bell, neck, the floor peg, and ship it all in a hardwood box-case.