1917 Vintage Conn New Wonder Series in Original Nickel Plate - Serial # 40823

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Product ID: 40823ConnAlto

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Here's an old one for you collectors out there: an original nickel plated C.G. Conn New Wonder series alto sax, serial number 40823. This is a nice find for players who like to pick up inexpensive saxes for their growing collection. We often see these early New Wonder horns relacquered or in bare brass, but this example, dating to 1917, is in original nickel and in great shape.


As you can see in the photos, the original nickel plating is in great shape with only mild wear from the past 100 years of light use. There isn't a whole lot of finish wear, even on the touch points, perhaps owing to how heavy and durable nickel is. The horn has a non-original neck tightening screw up top, but otherwise has all original keys and hardware. The original neck is missing the octave key guide but has never been damaged or pulled down. The only previous work on the sax is some minor dent work/dimpling around the bottom bow area.


This sax was repadded a few years ago, fitted with flat disc metal resonators, but it could use a good adjustment. The pads are sealing “ok” but the action is not optimal, and there are some minute leaks shown under a leak light. We are selling it as-is.


If you are like us, and like to hoard vintage horns for the stories they tell, this is a prime example, and one that can be had without breaking the bank. Ships in a strong hard case.