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July 2013 Sax Trivia Contest


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Rob Bolton from Waddell, AZ US

Contest background


YouTube continues to further expand the number of people who can see a single musical experience. Since its inception there have been a number of highly entertaining if not totally comical videos of musicians.  One video hopefully coming to mind is of the Duke Ellington Orchestra in Chicago which features a performance by a very passed out Paul Gonzalez. Another video recorded in the last 3 years features a younger alto player. In addition to the video showcasing some fabulous solo work over a Bobby Timmon’s standard it also nicely captures the voice of a club patron, whom is extremely excited and entertained and that is putting it lightly. 

This saxophonist has been heavily mentored in the past by Dick Oats and piano player Mulgrew Miller. He has been featured in Down Beat magazine over the last few years as a player to look out for in the future. You may have also seen this sax player on tour with Christian Mcbride’s group Inside Straight.  Other videos of this sax player with Christian can be seen on YouTube by searching Christian McBride Jazz at the Bistro.  

Contest Question

  Who was the saxophonist mentioned and what is the name of the YouTube video with the excited patron. (Christian Mcbride is not in this video)  

Correct Answer

  Tim Green Alto Saxophone  Moanin Art Blakey Dontae Winslow & Tim Green Moanin by Bobby Timmons in Baltimore    

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

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