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April 2013 Sax Trivia Contest

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Theodore Stevens from Sherman Oaks, CA US

Contest background

April of 2013 marks the 103rd birthday of a quintessential figure of the big band period. His long tenure with the group he was most known for lasted a total of 47 years. In addition to his woodwind contributions to the band he also sometimes served as the personal driver to the group’s leader. The musician cited Sidney Bechet, Coleman Hawkins and Adrian Rollini as major influences. He was well known for his mastery of circular breathing.

Contest Question

Who was the musican and the big band?

Correct Answer

Harry Carney Duke Ellington's Orchestra

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Carney http://jazzbarisax.com/baritone-saxophonists/pre-bop-style/harry-carney/
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