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November 2011 Sax Trivia Contest

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Alan Cannady from Murfreesboro, TN US

Contest background

Regardless of the level of talent shown by saxophone heroes of the past, they did not all immediately pursue music as a profession. One such saxophonist local to the east coast was originally training to become a machinist. Luckily for the player and his future jazz enthusiasts, his employer convinced him he should try to pursue music as a carrier. The saxophonist was a strong presence in the progressive hard bop movement of the 1950’s. Along with a number of other saxophone players he expanded the styling already set in motion by Lester Young and Charlie Parker. Recorded extensively as a leader during the fifties, the saxophonist was also a side man in multiple groups which were at the forefront of the hard bop.

While overlooked in the past, recent events have helped bring higher recognition to the saxophonist’s music and achievements. His recent exposure is due to a number of posthumous record releases and a recent biography. The biography released in 2008 is currently the only existing full length documentation of the saxophonist’s life.

Contest Question

Who is this months Hard Bop Saxophone Player? What were two of the major hard bop groups he played with and what was the name and author of his biography?

Correct Answer

Saxophonist: Hank Mobley Groups: Hoarce Silver and Art Blakey Biography: Workout The Music of Hank Mobley

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

Biography: Workout The Music of Hank Mobley

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