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August 2008 Sax Trivia Contest

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Michael Morrison from Dallas, TX US

Contest background

This Denmark-born heavy metal drummer's Godfather worked with Alfred Lion, prominently as a leader, but only twice as a sideman. This Godfather was also a part of a grammy winning pianists debut album and on an aborted Sonny Stitt session.

By the way, in the question, when I refer to "the band", I mean the drummer's band.

Contest Question

What is the name of the drummer, the band, the pianist, and the album?

Correct Answer

Lars Ulrich- drummer Metallica- band Herbie Hancock- piano player Takin' Off(Blue Note)- album

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

Wikipedia- Dexter Gordon

Music Web International- Takin' Off

OK, Saxquest contests are back up and running again!