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October 2006 Sax Trivia Contest

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Daniel Breskin from Cheshire, CT US

Contest background

The original Adolphe Sax design called for a very large and round interior of the mouthpiece. Up until the 1930's, saxophone mouthpieces were made to this spec, in which time the chambers began to be manufactured smaller creating an overall brighter sound concept. Between 1940 and 1960, saxophone mouthpieces completely shifted from the large and round chamber, to the small and narrow chamber. There ended up being a preceived overall shortage of these older mouthpieces, because they were no longer manufactured.

This German born saxophone player was a major advocate of the original Adolphe Sax mouthpiece design, and is almost single handedly responsible for its continued existence today.

Contest Question

Who is the saxophone player?

Correct Answer

Sigurd Rascher

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

Wikipedia - Sigurd Rascher
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