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December 2003 Sax Trivia Contest

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Wade Kolata from Minneapolis, MN US

Contest background

Gerry Mulligan, whose career spanned five decades, worked gracefully in many styles and with many artists, defying the categories that so often narrow our vision of a creative spirit.

Gerry Mulligan would not, could not, be categorized, and he flourished through changing times, in many cultures, and with many musical voices ranging from the baritone saxophone that was his principal instrument, to the full orchestra.

-James H. Billington, in opening remarks at the inauguration of the Gerry Mulligan exhibition, April 6, 1999

The exhibition, mounted by the Library of Congress Interpretive Programs Office, is the brainchild of Jon Newsom, chief of the Music Division, who negotiated the donation of the collection with Mulligan before he died and afterward collaborated with Franca (Mrs. Gerry) Mulligan.

The centerpiece of the Gerry Mulligan exhibition is a large case displaying Mulligan's baritone saxophone.

This is the instrument Mulligan played in all public performances during the last decade of his life until his death on Jan.19, 1996.

The saxophone was donated after the initial opening of the exhibit by Mrs. Mulligan with the express wish that it be played.

Contest Question

What is the make, approximate vintage and finish of Gerrys saxophone that is now on display in the exhibition?

Correct Answer

C.G. Conn bari sax, circa late 20's in gold plate finish

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

Gerry Mulligan Collection
Thanks to everyone who entered the last (December) Saxquest trivia contest of 2003.