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April 2003 Sax Trivia Contest

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Lynn Lee from Cary, NC US

Contest background

The birth of the saxophone quartet started in La Rochelle, France. From time to time Marcel Mule and 3 of his colleagues would get together and play informally. By 1928 they had firmly established the instrumentation of the saxophone quartet as soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone. They began rehearsing regularly and on December 2, 1928 put together a performance that marked the world premier of the saxophone quartet. The ensemble was known as Le Quatour de la musique de la Garde Republiciane.

It’s difficult to recapture the significance of this event. Never before had there been a saxophone quartet and there was no repertory. It’s one of the few classical music mediums that has been entirely created in the 20th century and has provided new and creative opportunities for composers and performers alike.

Contest Question

Who were the founding members of Marcel Mule’s Le Quatour de la musique de la Garde Republiciane?

Correct Answer

Marcel Mule - soprano Rene Chaligne - alto Hippolyte Poimboeuf - tenor Georges Chauvet - baritone

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

Saxophone Journal - Mule Article
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