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May 2002 Sax Trivia Contest

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Carmelo Morabito from New Hartford, CT US

Contest background

SML began making saxophones when the company was founded -- two years before Selmer introduced its revolutionary Balanced Action saxophone. SML ceased production of saxes in 1982; at the time, the company was making 400 saxes a year. It was also selling saxes to King Musical Instruments, which marketed them under the name,"King Marigaux." A company spokesperson said SML stopped making saxophones because "we just couldn't compete with Selmer anymore."

The SML company was founded in 1934 by three partners with the last name intals of S, M, and L. The "S" was for Charles Strasser, a Swiss businessman who was born in Switzerland. The "M" for Marigaux, an instrument maker who trained at Buffet-Crampon. Marigaux was considered one of the world's best oboe-makers. The company made a broad line of woodwinds that once also included saxophones, flutes and bassoons.

Saxquest would like to thank FRED CICETTI for his research and write up which helped to create this month's Saxquest trivia question.

Contest Question

Who does the "L" in SML stand for?

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