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October 2001 Sax Trivia Contest


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raechel dumas from pensacola, FL US

Contest background

The Selmer family traces its roots back to the 18th century rural Lorraine region of France with Johannes Jacobus Zelmer. When Charles-Frederic Selmer (son of Jean-Jacques) died in 1878 he left sixteen children, five surviving to adulthood. By the early 1900s, one of these sons, Henri Selmer, had opened a music shop at Place Dancourt in Paris, which was later to become the Selmer Factory. A few years earlier, Henri had graduated from the Paris conservatory as an accomplished instrumentalist and went on to perform in the famed Garde Republicaine band and the Opera Comique.

Contest Question

What instrument did Henri Selmer receive his degree on?

Correct Answer

Henri Selmer received his degree on the clarinet, in 1877, entering the conservatory of paris, class of Monsieur Leroy II

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

Where you could have found the answer: This month's questions could have been answered by going to any number of web sites. The most obvious was the Selmer website at Selmer.Com. From there, just click on the link to Selmer history.
Thank you to everyone who entered our October contest. Out of 62 entries this month we had 57 correct answers. Good Job everyone.