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August 2001 Sax Trivia Contest

Out of 41 people who entered this month, we had 32 correct answers. Good Job Everybody!!!


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Ellen Parodi from Philadelphia, PA US

Contest background

The world of jazz saxophone has seen many great innovative and creative jazz artists.

Contest Question

Place the following list of pioneering jazz saxophonists in order of age (oldest to youngest according to birth date). Charlie Parker Ornette Coleman Eric Dolphy John Coltrane Rahsaan Roland Kirk Steve Lacy Anthony Braxton Benny Carter Julian Cannonbal Adderley Lester Young

Correct Answer

Benny Carter 8/8/1907 Lester Young 8/27/1909 Charlie Parker 8/29/1920 John Coltrane 9/23/1926 Eric Dolphy 6/20/1928 Cannonball 9/15/1928 Ornette Coleman 5/9/1930 Steve Lacy 7/23/1934 Rahsaan Roland Kirk 8/7/1936 Anthony Braxton 6/4/1945

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

This month's questions could have been answered by going to any number of web sites. One site that would have been particularly helpful would have been http://www.wnur.org/jazz/artists.
Thank you to everyone who entered our August contest. We had several people who correctly answered this month's question.