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March 2016 Sax Trivia Contest


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John J Carlson from DeKalb, IL US

Contest background

This saxophonist often jammed at Jimbo's Bop City in San Francisco's surprisingly hip jazz scene in the early 1950's.
One night Lester Young was in the audience and this young 22 year old saxophonist tried to impress Pres by blowing all the licks he knew in a single solo. When he later asked what Pres thought of his playing, he found out that Pres was not impressed. His major complait was "you plays too many notes". This young player was known around town as "Soldier Boy".
Ironically, he later went on to be known for his brillant use of space and judicial note selection and lead one of the most swinging bands of all time.

Contest Question

Who was the young player?

Correct Answer

Frank Foster 

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