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August 2014 Sax Trivia Contest


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Tom Micek from Woodstock, IL US

Contest background

This months trivia contest pays tribute to another under appreciated jazz and R&B saxophonist. His most memorable hit was a recording of a popular R&B hit in 1951, which was adapted from Duke Ellington's composition, “Happy Go Lucky Local”.  He is also mentioned in Miles Davis's autobiography as a hell of a tenor saxophonist and a junkie. 

Contest Question

Who is the tenor Saxophonist? What was the name of the album he recorded with Miles Davis and what city was it recorded in?

Correct Answer

Jimmy Forest - Tenor Sax "Our Delight" with Miles Davis, Recorded at the Barrel in Saint Louis Missouri   

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

Book: Miles The Autobiograpy, Simon and Schuster 1989, pg 150



Thanks to everyone who played this month's Saxquest Trivia contest. Please stop back and check out the new contest that's up and running now.