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March 2001 Sax Trivia Contest

Selmer offered a 15 year warranty with an Adolphe Sax purchase in 1933. At that time, Selmer was trying to clear out the Adolphe Sax line to make room for their improved "Super Sax". In doing so, Selmer closed a chapter in the history of the saxophone that spanned almost 100 years by ending the production of a line of saxophones bearing the name of the instrument's inventor, Antoine-Joseph "Adolphe" Sax.


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Scott Ankrom from Aylett, VA US

Contest background

In 1933 Selmer was producing the Selmer Super Sax. This horn became very popular, setting the stage for Selmer to become a major player in the saxophone-making business. However, Selmer was still producing the "Adolphe Sax" line of saxophones at this time too.

Contest Question

In what year would your guarantee expire if you bought a new "Adolphe Sax" from Selmer in 1933?

Correct Answer


Where You Could Have Found The Answer

The answer to the March Saxquest trivia question could have been found at the Vintage Saxophone Gallery website which is listed as a Saxquest link (follow the Adolphe Sax links to Adolphe Saxes by Selmer, then click on the sample original ad).
Thanks to everyone who participated in our first SAXQUEST trivia contest! Out of 23 entries, we had only one correct answer....Congratulations Scott!!!