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Yanagisawa S-991 Soprano Sax with 2 Necks, High G - Serial # 00350996

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Product ID: 00350996Yani991Sop


HELP, I Want One!

Exquisite condition Yanagisawa S-991 soprano sax, serial number 00350996. This soprano has been meticulously well cared for and is in mint condition. It has nothing more than very light cosmetic wear from nominal use, and is as pretty as a used horn can be.


The pictures tell the tale on this beauty. There are only some minor surface scratches here and there, and light finish wear on a couple touch points. I see one tiny ping in the bell flare, probably from hitting a stand, but that's about it. The sax is in gorgeous shape top to bottom. The original pads look new, and have years of life ahead of them, and the set up feels crisp and tight under your fingers. The previous owner had the palm keys contoured closer together, and I really like the feel personally, so we are leaving them like that (we can straighten them back to factory position if you prefer).


This model features keywork to high G and detachable straight and curved necks. It plays with a clear, focused sound, and is extremely easy to play, with the perfect amount of positive resistance to give you something to push against. Intonation is spot on, a rare find on a soprano! This is the real deal, and is a bargain for the pro player looking for quality. Ships in its original case, with a set of key clamps included.