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Yanagisawa Made 'Whitehall' One Piece Soprano Sax – Budget Gig Horn, Serial #972738

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Product ID: 972738YaniWHSop

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As Is Special
This is a great horn for anyone looking for a solid soprano at a good price point. Whitehall straight soprano made by Yanagisawa, serial number 972738. For those who know there are a few different variations of Yanagisawa sopranos out there that are more or less a copy of the classic Mark VI design. Specifically regarding the layout of the palm keys. The soprano does feature key work to high F# and a Selmer style neck venture shape at the neck.
The pictures tell the story of this sax the best. It is in solid physical condition but has clearly seen a lot of use over the years. The previous owner was actively performing on it while keeping it serviced at a local repair tech. Ultimately if you are looking to put a lot of serious long term use some replacement of pads or a full overhaul is advised. But as it sits it is sealing up nicely and is a very responsive easy to play soprano. It takes the air in smooth and fast while featuring a crystal clear projection. Overall this soprano does seem to be a brighter player.
This soprano ships playing in as is condition with a box hard case.