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Yanagisawa 991 Low A Baritone Sax In Gold Lacquer – Top Notch Pro Player, Serial #00238057

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Product ID: 00238057Yani991Bari


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Awesome Pro Yani - 991 - Two Necks See Pictures
This is a nice Yanagisawa 991 low A baritone sax, serial #00238057. The 991 is Yanagisawa's top of the line professional baritone sax. This one has been previously owned but is in very good condition and is ready for a new home. It feels great under the fingers and has a quick and easy response to air. The core sound of the horn is warm and focused. The sonic balance from top to bottom is very precise and allows for exceptional pitch, control and projection. This is the kind of pro baritone with a flexible sound and response that thrives in any musical setting. 
The body of the 991 shows the history of a saxophone that has been played and professionally maintained. There is some light scratching here and there but nothing serious. It has had no major dent work. There is just one re-sodler on one of the braces to the J tube. The solder was done very well and is hard to spot. The previous owner of this instrument more recently had it re-padded with black roo pads and gold metal resonators. It came in to our shop a little leaky and not up to our shop standards so it is awaiting our full professional set-up. This sax ships out in perfect playing condition with the original Yanagisawa case. The baritone also includes two necks. Its original Yanagisawa neck was at some point stripped and is now in raw brass. It also includes a matte silver plate Oleg neck.