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Yanagisawa 991 Gold Lacquer Curved Soprano Sax, Serial #00300942

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Product ID: 00300942Yani991Sop


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Yani 991 Curved Sorpano
This is a very nice Yanagisawa curved soprano saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 00300942. The 991 is a top level pro model soprano and is a favorite among the soprano players who prefer curved models. Their construction show cases ribbed construction for improved sonic balance and constructional stability. They also feature highly comfortable key work up to high F#. 
This Yanagisawa 991 is in extremely good condition and was very well maintained by the previous owner. Its body tube, bow, bow cap and bell area are all in pristine original condition. There has never been any serious repairs to this saxophone and it has received zero re-solders. The key guards are all in perfect condition as is the neck. 
The key work on the 991 is compact and smooth and comfortable under the fingers allowing for fluid motion. It plays with a medium warm focused sound and has an exceptional amount of control across its entire range. This particular soprano was recently serviced in another shop and is playing nicely. In order to keep the price of this item at a premium it does not include a Saxquest set-up.