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Yamaha YSS 875 Custom Black Lacquer Soprano Saxophone, 001419

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Product ID: 001419YTS875BlkSop


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Yamaha YSS- 875 Custom
This is a beautiful Yamaha YSS-875 Custom soprano saxophone, serial number 001419. The sax is in tremendous near mint condition as it was very well kept by the last owner. The saxophone has never seen major repair and has no history of past body or solder work. Both the original necks are with the sax and are in great condition as well. 
The 875 is the model released before Yamaha moved to the Custom EX. In comparison the older 875 models like this one tend to have a slightly more focused core. This one in particular showcases a gorgeous sonic character with a great balance across its entire range. The palm keys are especially responsive and do not become stuffy. Its projection is ultra clear as well. At the moment this soprano is hands down one of the best pro players we have in the shop. 
This soprano is currently in our shop in line for a professional set-up and will soon be in perfect. We will give it a thorough regulation and replace any needed materials to put it in top notch playing condition. The current iteration of the black lacquer custom is not quite expensive. This is a tremendous opportunity to get into a premium pro soprano and a great price! 
This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition with the original wood case.