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Yamaha YFL 577HCT Professional Flute Fabulous Condition, Serial #060447

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Product ID: 060447YFL577Flute


HELP, I Want One!

Yamaha YFL 577HCT
This is a beautiful Yamaha YFL 577HCT model flute, serial number 060447. The Yamaha 577 is made with a hand finished sterling silver head joint, silver plated nickel silver body, keys and foot joint. This HCT model features open key holes, an offset G, low B foot and a trill C# key. 
The body of the flute is in great shape. There is a modest amount of light blemishing and general cosmetic play wear from the last owner but nothing too serious. No major history of body work. 
The 577 is a great choice if you are looking for a fantastic entry professional model. This one features a fresh set up from our shop and ships out in perfect playing condition.