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Yamaha YAS-52 Alto Saxophone in Gold Lacquer - Great Step Up, Serial #010021

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Product ID: 010021AYAS52Alt


HELP, I Want One!

Fantastic YAS-52
This is a great Yamaha YAS-52 alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 010021A. These 52 models were previously made and marketed as their intermediate or step up model. As with any saxophone from Yamaha the build quality is superb and it is a fantastic instrument. These altos are ideal for the serious student saxophonist or the pro player looking for a budget horn. 
The alto is in very good physical condition showing a standard amount of cosmetic character for a  well played instrument. Its body tube, bow, bow cap and neck are all in terrific original condition and have no history of repair. There has never been any solder work on the saxophone. It does feature key work to high F#. 
It was recently set-up and serviced on its current pads in another shop. Some of the pads are on the older side and could stand to be re-placed in the future. But as it currently sits is playing great. In order to keep the cost at a premium we are not going to do any work to this horn in our shop. Sonically, the alto plays a tad brighter than Yamaha’s current models with slightly more edge.  As is expected for a Yamaha, the scale and intonation is very precise.  This would be an awesome horn for someone looking to upgrade their student horn, or for a pro looking for a budget instrument.  A great alto for use jazz, funk, latin, or rock environment.   Ships in a hard box style case.