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Yamaha 581 Low B Foot Solid Silver Flute , Serial # 0026461

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Product ID: 0026461YFL581Flute


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Yamaha 581 - Sterling Silver Flute
This is a Yamaha 581 flute, serial number 0026461. The 581 model features sterling silver headjoint, lip plate, riser, body and footjoint. These flutes have inline G, open key holes and French Arms. 
The 581 is a great option if you are looking to get an good entry to professional flute. These are also a favorite among doubling wood wind professionals. The all sterling configuration of the body and head joint give this flute a dark and ultra responsive sonic character. This one is currently awaiting a set-up in our shop by our top flute tech Chris Funck. It ships in perfect playing condition with the original case and case bag.