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WOW! Vintage Yamaha YAS-62 PURPLE LOGO Alto Sax - Serial # 026777

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Product ID: 026777Yam62PLAlto


HELP, I Want One!

A SWEET Player at a Great Price!

This is an awesome, early series Yamaha “purple logo” YAS-62 alto sax, serial number 026777. There continues to be a high demand for these saxes, and when you play one, it is easy to see why!


The earliest YAS-62 model horns like this one always seem to be a bit more responsive, and a bit more resonant, than the ones that came later, and this example fits the bill. It takes your air well, with a light positive resistance to give you focus. At higher volumes, the sound just seems to leap out of the bell. A dynamic horn all around.


Physically, it is above average condition. The lacquer is original, and while it shows a fair amount of scratching and wear on the back side of the sax, the “front” of the horn looks incredible with very little wear. There are also no dents and no resolders anywhere, and the original neck has never been pulled down or damaged. Pads have been replaced as needed, and all are excellent condition, fitted with problem plastic resonators. This sax will go through our repair shop before we ship, and get a fresh cleaning and pro set up. We'll replace any pads starting to age, as well as all of the key adjustment corks and felts, putting the sax in perfect shape. There is one very hard to see ding on the bell flare, this will be taken out as part of the set-up done to the horn in our shop.


Don't miss out on this one, this alto will sell fast! Ships in its original purple Yamaha case.