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WOW! Vintage Super 20 First Series Full PearlsTenor Saxophone, Serial #283390

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Product ID: 283390KingSuper20Ten


HELP, I Want One!

Original King Super 20 - First Series 1946

This is a beautiful original lacquer King Super 20 tenor saxophone from the mid 1940's, serial number 283390. These first series Super 20 tenors showcase a full complement of pearl inlays on the side keys, palm keys, octave key and pearl G#. The early models like this one also have a triple neck strap ring as well as sunburst engraving on low Bb, B, C# and C.


This particular tenor is in exceptional original condition showcasing around 90% of the original lacquer finish. The original finish shows a dark honey tint which is perfectly complemented by crisp engraving. The body does not show any history of major past repair. There has never been any serious body damage on this instrument. It has also never received any solder work. All of the guards are in great shape as well and have never received any repair. This saxophone includes the original sterling silver neck with under slung octave key. It does feature the matching serial number stamp on the neck as well.


This tenor is recently out of the Saxquest shop with a fresh professional restoration. The overhaul included a complete disassemble, cleaning, precise key fitting and set up. It is now sporting a brand new set of Valentino premium leather pads, TM custom metal resonators and a new set of corks and felts. The saxophone is now in perfect playing condition and feels fantastic under the fingers.


If you are looking for a no joke blow the doors down power house player a Super 20 is going to fit the bill every time. This saxophone is extremely free blowing and does not have much resistance to speak of. While it should be considered a rather bright player these first series Super 20's tend to be slightly warmer if you are comparing then to the SII and SIII.


Ships in perfect playing condition with original box wood hard case.