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Wow! Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax #86814 with Gold Plated Neck

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HELP, I Want One!

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This is the holy grail for MK VI enthusiasts and players alike. Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone,  serial number #86814.  This horn falls right in the coveted “Brecker Vintage” of VI’s which are renowned for their superb projection, great sound, brilliant overtones and effortless altissimo. As a player this horn is a complete monster.  It takes your air efficiently and gives you tons of volume without having to work hard at all.  The sound is gigantic and lush from low Bb all the way up into the altissimo register. The overtones and altissimo register on this instrument is exceptionally impressive. The notes really seem to slot effortlessly and allows you to play altissimo as if it's on the instrument. In addition, the gold plated neck really adds a bit of complexity to the sound that would not be present in a totally lacquered instrument.   
The pictures of the sax give a great illustration for this saxophone regarding its history. Its previous owner played it professionally and also kept it regularly serviced over the years. Physically it is in very good condition showing honest cosmetic wear typical of any pro playing sax that has seen many performances. The saxophone was previously re-lacquered a very long time ago. Its current finish shows off the proper air bake honey color and the engraving is crisp. The quality of the re-finishing was top notch. There is some history of minor repair on this saxophone. The low Eb key guard has been re-soldered as well as two of the feet to the alternate F# guard. The upper body tube shows some wear from a previous dent repair. Its bell, bow and bell flare are also in nice condition as well. The bow cap was at some point very slightly pushed in. With the saxophone is the original neck with matching serial number stamp. The neck has been gold plated and is in pristine physical condition. 
This horn came to us playing great on a existing pad job outfitted with premium seamless brass resonators.  We are also going to do a complete professional setup on this instrument to ensure it arrives to you in perfect playing condition. The Saxquest professional set-up will include a disassemble and cleaning followed by precise key fitting and regulation of the entire saxophone. The work will also include cleaning up the small and hard to see dings around the bow. Once complete the instrument will feature a fresh set-up with new corks and felts. 
If you have been on the hunt for a Brecker Vintage tenor don't miss the opportunity to pick one up for less than $10,000.