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WOW! Vintage Original Silver Plate Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto, Serial #82442

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Product ID: 82442MarkVIsilvAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto
This is a stunning example of an original 1959 Silver Mark VI alto saxophone, serial number 82442. The alto is in beautiful physical condition and was professionally overhauled by Saxquest in 2018. It has been delicately played and handled since then and is now ready for a new home. 
The body of the alto looks absolutely exceptional with 98% of the original silver plate intact. There is only some minor finish wear around a couple touch points here and there as well as around the right hand thumb rest. The body tube, bell, bow and bow cap are all in very nice original condition. Looking over the sax very closely it shows one re-solder to the top foot of the bell key guard. This work was done professionally in a pro shop and is extremely hard to spot. The original neck has never been pulled down or damaged, it does still show all of the factory blue paint around the “S” in the octave key. You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer example of an early vintage Mark VI.
As a player this is a highly colorful sax with a warm core sound. It responds with a beautiful singing quality and crystal clear projection. The silver enhances the depth and clarity in the overall character of this instrument. The Mark VI was recently mechanically overhauled, using premium leather pads, nylon resonators and top grade felts and corks. Its key action fells smooth and ultra fluid under the fingers. Saxquest will go over the horn once more before shipping it out to ensure it going out in perfect playing condition. 
This saxophone ships with the original European wood hard case.