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WOW! Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, Serial #94536

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Five Digit Mark VI Tenor – Dark Free Blowing Player
This is an exquisite example of an original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor, serial #94536. The original lacquer finish on the tenor shows a gorgeous dark honey tint and crisp American style floral engraving. The original neck with matching serial number stamp is present and has never been pulled down. There is some honest play wear on the sax but it has never seen any major repair in the past. The body tube, bow, bow cap, neck and bell flare are all in pristine original physical condition. There have been zero past re-solders on the instrument. All of the key guards and key guard feet are in tremendous condition and have never been re-soldered. 
This sax was just freshly overhauled in our shop. It is now in perfect playing condition and features a brand new set of Valentino leather pads, TM Custom metal resonators, new corks, felts and a precise  regulation of the key work. Due to the great physical condition of the saxophone it now has a factory fresh fell to it. The key action is very crisp and fluid under the fingers allowing for a quick and easy play. Its key pearls are also all in excellent condition and still have a clean defined feel to them. 
As a player this is a dark and very free blowing instrument. It is slightly more focused and compact compared to many of the earliest Mark VI's but still has a rich robustness that is less prevalent in Selmer tenors that came out in the late 1960's. It takes the air in easy and has an immediate and balanced response. The easy air intake and balanced response make the control and projection on this tenor absolutely exceptional. 
It is becoming increasingly hard to find a Mark VI with a five digit serial number in this condition. Do not miss out on a tremendous instrument.