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WOW! Vintage Original Lacquer Conn 26M Alto Saxophone, Serial #271467

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Conn 26M Connquerer
This is a very nice vintage Conn 26M “Connquerer” alto saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 271467. If you are looking for a clean example of a 26M this alto is going to be hard to pass up. These Connquerer models were considered to be Conn's top of the line professional saxophone. Their construction features rolled tone holes, adjustment screws, key work to front F, nickel silver touches for side and palm keys, micro tuner neck and the iconic “Naked Lady” engraving on the bell. This saxophone is also with the trill G# key.  
This alto shows an original lacquer finish with a modest amount of play wear for its vintage. All of the original key work, pearls and rollers are intact and in excellent condition. The body tube, bell and bell flare are all in excellent original condition. Its bell to body brace is also in great shape and has never been pushed in. Going over this saxophone very closely there is just a few past repairs. At some point the thumb rest was slightly pushed in but was later brought back to its true position. It also looks like a few small dings were taken out around the bow and the outer foot to the low Eb key guard was re-soldered. This saxophone is with the original neck with under-slung octave key and micro tuner. The micro tuner is fully functional and the neck itself has never been pulled down. 
The 26M is known to be powerful horn with a robust sonic character and a fat free blowing response to air flow. This particular 26M was last restored with a set of Conn Reso pads and metal resonators. It is currently playing decently down to a low Bb on its current set of pads. If you are a collector and want a good 26M in playing condition for your collection the current set-up is perfectly suitable. If you want this saxophone for active professional use it will need to be overhauled before it will be in perfect playing condition. Because the alto is currently playing on its older overhaul we are offering it in as is condition. But if you want to do a decent amount of serious playing on this saxophone you can add the option for a professional overhaul to the purchase. A professional overhaul from the Saxquest shop will include a dissemble, cleaning, key fitting and a precise final set-up with all new Valentino pads, metal domed resonators and new key materials. Once complete the saxophone will be in perfect playing condition. 
This saxophone ships out in your choice of “as is” condition or with a fresh overhaul. Please be advised the current turn around time on an overhaul is 10-12 weeks at this time. Includes original Conn wood hard case.