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WOW! Vintage Original Gold Plate Conn Chu Berry Tenor Mayflower Art Deco, Serial #211607

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Product ID: 211607ConnChuGPTen


HELP, I Want One!

New Wonder II – Chu Berry Gold Plated Art Decco
This is a tremendous item for both the serious player and collector alike. Vintage C.G. Conn Art Deco Chu Berry tenor sax in gold plate, serial number 211607.  Anyone in the know on vintage American tenors knows that the 200k serial range for Conn tenors is considered a real sweet spot for their line. This one is exceptional and will not disappoint. The sound stays amazingly fat and husky across all registers of the horn and is a blast to play.  In addition, the gold plate makes the sound of this horn rather complex.  With the gold plate, the chu not only has that iconic deep resonating American tenor sound; it also has a lot of highs and brilliance in its sound.  Almost adding a certain brightness to the sound without it being piercing or unpleasant.  Very Charles Lloyd-esque.  
This tenor is in stunning physical condition with original gold plating. It shows some honest cosmetic character from past play time. There is a few areas that have been major touch points over the years where the silver is coming through but nothing serious. The original gold plate shows an impressive 98%. There is one solder repair to the register pip on the upper side of the body tube. The repair is hard to see and it was done extremely well in a pro shop. The only other wear of note is some very minimal cosmetic blemishing around the bottom bow and one very small ping to the bow cap. Its original neck is in very nice condition and has never been pulled down. 
This saxophone just received a fresh mechanical overhaul in the Saxquest shop by tech Josh Creekmore. It now features a brand new set of Valentino leather pads, metal domed resonators and all new cork and felts. The key action has been completely regulated and fine tuned as well. It is now in perfect playing condition. 
In addition to being in great shape and being a smoking player, this horn also showcases a stunning factory Art Deco engraving on the front of the bell.  These engravings were done on site at Conn’s Elkhart factory by their master engraving staff completely freehand.  Because of this each horn was completely custom and no 2 horns alike.  This horn features a beautiful floral portrait that showcases a sailboat as the centerpiece.  The Conn also shows off rolled tone hole construction, fingernail file G#, back door Eb, front F and the original gold plated end plug. 
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of classic pre-war American craftsmanship!