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WOW! Vintage David Guardala King Hand Finished for Alto Sax SN 1068

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David Guardala King Silver Plate
This is a beautiful playing David Guardala “King” metal mouthpiece for alto saxophone in silver plate. We have had a number of vintage handmade Guardalas in the shop over the years. Because they are incredible players, they are usually seen in pretty rough shape. This one in particular is in very good condition, showing just a little bit of past play wear around the outer body. The facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is in good condition. Its original pink bite plate is also intact and is in good shape. There is a small but shallow indentation from the last user.
This is easily one of the better playing Guardala alto pieces we have had in the shop in a while. It packs a punch and is responsive and flexible. While it can be played with a lot of power and brilliance, I did not find it to be outrageously bright. Ships with Selmer ligature and a plastic cap.
The tip opening of this piece measures .095".