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Wow! Vintage Conn Silver Plate Bass Saxophone, Serial Number 85922

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Our Price: $ 5,500.00

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Conn Bass Sax - Vintage 1923
This is a vintage C.G. Conn bass saxophone in silver plate, serial number 85922. The Conn bass saxophones like their altos and tenors are great players and have a robust and warm sound character. This one in particular has seen a very active life and it has been some time since it was serviced. You can currently get a few notes out of it but it will ultimately a decent amount of work done to it if not a complete restoration. We would love to take on the project in our shop but at this time we are going to sell it in as is condition at a drastically reduced price. 
The pictures of the sax tell its story the best. Much like all bass saxophones the instrument shows history of some solder and dent work. Some smaller dings still remain around the body. The body tube, bow, bell and upper J neck tube area are all in very good condition. Its big decorative bow cap is in very good condition as well. The X brace bell to body brace is intact and is in great condition. Currently the posts for the octave key mechanism are slightly pushed into the upper body tube. This saxophone also includes the neck. The neck is in good shape. 
This saxophone has the potential to be a beast of a player. Right now as it sits most of the pads are well past their prime and it is not in any condition to be seriously played. Fully restored this is a bass that would cost more then 7500.00. Because of the shop schedule and in order to keep the cost done we are offering it in as is condition at a significantly lower price. 
This bass sax does not include a case.