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WOW! Very Early Vintage Buescher True Tone Curved Soprano Sax - Serial # 10293

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This is one of the oldest Buescher sopranos we've ever sold, a 1909 vintage True Tone with serial number 10293. Usually we keep horns like this for our museum, but we've decided to let this beauty go for another collector to enjoy.


There are a few things of note for this old gem. Being such an early vintage Buescher, it features metal touches instead of pearls, and keywork to high Eb. It is currently silver plated, but I don't think the silver is factory original, as the engraving is just a bit too “smoothed over.” However, the plating is definitely old, and if I had to guess, I would think this horn was originally an unlacquered, bare brass horn sold by Buescher, and was later factory silver plated. Since that work, the horn shows nominal finish wear, mostly on the back side of the body tube. The attached neck popped off at some point and has been resoldered, but that's the only previous repair that I see anywhere on this soprano. The sax is straight top to bottom.


This horn was repadded most recently with firm leather pads and metal Noyek resonators. The pads are in good overall condition with lots of life left in them, and the sax is playing well with a lively, quick key action. This soprano plays on the darker side for sure, with good balance in its tone and a colorful timbre. Just feeling the history of a 100+ year old soprano while you play is a lot of fun. Ships in a good hard case.