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WOW! Ultra Rare WM Haynes Double Wall Metal Sterling Silver Bb Clarinet, No12

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Product ID: N012HaynesClarin


HELP, I Want One!

- Will be Fully Restored
This is an ultra rare  W.M. Haynes Double wall sterling silver clarinet, Serial Number No12. These clarinets were originally manufactured in the late 1920's and fewer then 400 were said to have been made. These clarinets were originally released by Haynes under the “Thermoclarinet” Patent. The constructional concept of the Thermoclarinet was built around a double wall construction with a set of vents. The vents allowed a player to breathe warm air into the instrument and quickly bring it to a consistent temperature from top to bottom. While the design and build quality of the Thermoclarinet was top notch they did not catch on with the classical clarinet community and only a small number were made. The clarinets were the only non flute instrument ever made by Haynes. They were manufactured between 1926 and 1942. 
This clarinet is currently being professionally restored in our shop. Please stay tuned for more information and more pictures once we have completed the work.