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WOW! Super Rare! Vintage Buffet S1 Soprano Saxophone Near Mint All Original, Serial #25953

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Product ID: 25953BuffetS1Sop


HELP, I Want One!

Buffet S1 Sorpano – High F#
This is a gorgeous all original Buffet S1 soprano saxophone, serial number 25953. The instruments last owner great cherished this item and rarely took it out of the case. It show just a little bit of modest play wear but has had no history of previous repair. The body tube, neck and bell flare are all in perfect original condition. This saxophone also has all of the original factory pads, resonators, gold plated springs and even the original red felts. With the saxophone being true to its original factory set-up this instrument is ideal for the collector but it is also a fantastic player. 
In similar fashion to the S1 altos the soprano plays with a warm sound and a precise balance across its entire range. This particular soprano plays with a beautiful singing quality and crystal clear projection. The key work is very smooth under the fingers and all of the pearls still have crisp new feel to them. 
Because of the beautiful condition the S1 is in we are selling it in as is condition. Right now it is playing nicely on the factory original pads. If you are planning on putting serious play time on the instrument it would ultimately need an overhaul in the near future. This is only the second S1 we have had in our shop as they can be extremely hard to come by. The soprano also ships with the original Buffet hard case. 
If you would like to add an overhaul to this instrument please select the option in the drop down menu. A professional Saxquest overhaul will include all new Valentino leather pads, resonators, corks, felts and a precise key regulation putting the sax in perfect playing condition.