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WOW! Selmer Paris Super Action 80 SII Low A Baritone Sax, Serial #442712

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Product ID: 442712SelmerSIIBari


HELP, I Want One!

Selmer SII Baritone - Low A
This is a early Selmer Paris SII baritone saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 442712. These models feature comfortable modern key work from Low A to high F#. This one was very well cared for over the years. As such it is in tremendous physical condition with very little history of past repair or serious wear. These baritones are a fantastic option for the modern professional looking to get a good horn with out paying the brand new prices. 
The physical body of this baritone is excellent as it was well taken care of by the last owner. Its lacquer is in great shape with a good look and clear engraving. Like most baritones there are a few small dings and a couple areas that show some past repair. At some point in the past the saddle that holds the spit valve was solder repaired. The bell also has a smaller size ding and a faint wear spot on the lower portion of the outer bell flare. The area is faint and is not all that easy to see ( picture 33). This is most likely from a past repair. Its body tube, bow and bow cap are all in fantastic condition. All of the key work and guards are also in great shape along with all the guard feet. Looking over the horn carefully there is a small ding just below the bow to body brace. This will be removed from the horn while it is in out shop being serviced. The original SII neck is with this saxophone. It has never been pulled down or repaired. (we will put a new neck cork on while horn is in our shop)
The Selmer SII has long been a top shelf choice for some of the worlds finest professionals. These horns are highly regarded for their sturdy build, comfort in key work and balanced pitch. This particular bari came into our shop on most of the original pads and metal dome resonators. The pads are still in great shape but the horn is due for a good cleaning and set up. We will go through the horn top to bottom and make sure everything is perfectly sealing and regulated. While the horn is apart we will also take out the dings and change out any pads that are not up to our standards as well as all of the cork and felt work. 
With the new price of these horns now exceeding well over 10 thousand this bari should be very appealing to anyone looking for a pro Selmer for a great price. Ships out in perfect playing condition with a fresh set up from our shop and the original wheeled Selmer case.