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WOW! Selmer Paris Original Lacquer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone, Serial #23476

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Product ID: 23476SelmerBAAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Beautiful Balanced Action Alto
WOW! Stunning original lacquer balanced action alto #23476
This is a real treat to have in the shop!  These balanced action altos are exceptional instruments with an amazing sound.  As opposed to the later Selmers, these horns are much less focused and have a very enjoyable spread to the sound; almost like a happy medium between an american horn and a MK VI!
Physically, the photos say it all on this one, with over 80% coverage in original lacquer, and only mild wear to the touchpoints: this horn is both beautiful and rare.   Back in the late 1930’s when these horns were being manufactured, it was standard procedure for the customer to ship the instrument back to the factory for an overhaul, and in this process, they would re-lacquer the horn.  At the time they had no knowledge that original vs. re-lacquered would become the dominating factor in the vintage saxophone market almost 100 years later.  Because of this, very very few early Selmers survived in their original finish to present day.
Outside of the lacquer, the body tube, bell flare, bow cap, and neck on this instrument are all in tremendous condition showing absolutely no signs of any past trauma or major repair.  The neck has never been pulled down nor any re-solders made to any of the posts or key guards.
Sonically, I found this horn to be the type of horn that takes your air easy and has a wide color palette.  Full of plenty of volume and power, this is the type of horn you could play a concerto with piano accompaniment on, or take it to a loud gig and cut through the amplified instruments.
Currently the horn is sitting on a fresh Saxquest setup on a pre existing set of black roo pads with seamless metal domed style resonators.  The saxophone is in perfect playing condition and is ready for a new home!  Ships out in its original balanced action box-style wooden case.  If you so desire we would be happy to add a new case to the sale to ship it in for you.  Don’t miss out on a rare piece of history!