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WOW! Outstanding Vintage Selmer Balanced Action Alto Sax - Serial # 28931

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Product ID: 28931SelmerBAAlto

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This is a really cool horn. This is a fantastic factory relacquered Selmer Paris Balanced Action alto, serial number 28931. It is a fine player and an excellent find for players who love these classic vintage Selmer horns.


As you can see in the photos, this Balanced Action shows a fair amount of lacquer wear. The previous owner was convinced the horn was original lacquer, and it may very well be. The engraving is perfect, no signs of buffing, but the lacquer color is just a little too light in our professional opinion. To be on the safe side, we've dropped the price and selling it as a factory relacquer. We took some close photos of the engraving that you can see in our pictures, and as you can see, the engraving is indeed perfect. There are currently a couple small dings in the back side of the body tube, which we will remove before shipping, and one resoldered joint, on a foot of the low C keyguard. We'll clean up that work as well. The sax has been repadded using a set of white roo pads with seamless brass resonators. It will get a fresh cleaning and adjustment from our repair shop before we ship.


These pre-Mark VI models have the same kind of color and character you've come to expect from a Selmer Paris, but this alto is definitely more spread, less “tight” in its response and core. I found it to be an extremely emotive instrument, dynamically changing to even subtle changes in your air pressure. A great jazz saxophone.

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