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WOW! Original Silver Plate Five Digit Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Soprano, Serial #86588 – High F#

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Product ID: 86588MarkVISop


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Mark VI Soprano – Original Silver Plate
This is an outstanding original silver plate Selmer Paris Mark VI soprano sax with high F#, serial #86588. It has a bit of brighter sound to the way it plays and is very flexible. The core sound of the soprano has a rich spread to it. When it comes to resonance and a complex sound character this soprano is a 10 out of 10. This instrument can be played in a sweet subdued manner and can also take in as much air as you can give it. 
The previous owner of the soprano played it professionally all over the world and kept it in good service during the time he owned it. Right now it is setting on a really nice set of leather pads and brown plastic resonators. There has also been some custom molding done around the thumb rest and palm keys in order to facilitate an easy reach and comfort. 
The body of the soprano is in very good physical condition showing some modest play wear for a 1960 vintage. There is a little finish wear around the octave key and some light scratching here and there but nothing serious. It does not show signs of ever having received major repair in the past. There are zero re-solders on this sax but the marching lyre mount has been permanently removed (see picture 18) There is a little bit of wear around the outer bell flare, most likely from placement on a sax stand. We will clean this up in our shop before shipping.
This soprano is currently in the Saxquest shop receiving a professional set-up and ships in perfect playing condition. These early Mark VI sopranos are great players and are getting harder to come by in original condition like this.