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WOW! Original Selmer Paris Silver Plate Super Balanced Action Tenor Sax, Serial #34907

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Product ID: 34907SBASilvTen


HELP, I Want One!

Late 1940's Vintage Super Balanced Action
This is a incredible Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 34907.  The early SBA's are known to be extremely free blowing with a rich resonant core sound which is slightly more open and less focused then the later models SBA's made in the early and mid 1950's. This one in particular does also lean towards the darker end of the color spectrum. Its silver plate also adds a level of both warmth and intensity to its sonic character. Truly a remarkable world class player. It also features the early SBA split bell gaurd configuration for low B and Bb. 
The SBA was just freshly serviced in the Saxquest shop by tech Cornelius Funck. When the sax came into the shop it was on some really old pads and had been many years sine it was serviced. Funck took his time and did a complete mechanical overhaul on it. This included a dissemble and silver clean followed by precise key fitting and a new spring job. It is now sporting a thorough set-up with a new set of Valentino premium leather pads and TM Custom metal resonators. The key action feels smooth and moves ultra fluid under the fingers. An super efficient player regarding sound production and the ergonomics. This tenor is now in perfect playing condition and is ready for a new home and owner. 
The body of this saxophone is in stunning condition. Its original silver plate is in excellent condition with almost full coverage. The body tube, bow, bell and both key stacks are in very good condition. When you look very closely at the horn you can see light scratching and general play wear around the body and major touch points of the horn. But nothing serious which is not to shabby for a Selmer manufactured in 1947. One point of note is the lower bow and bow cap area does show a little imperfection. The cap itself is still in excellent condition but was ever so slightly pushed at some point. This sax shows off the original key pearls and all of the key guards. You can see where the raw brass is coming through in a few areas, specifically around the right hand thumb rest. The guards are all in very nice condition as well. This sax also includes the original SBA neck. The neck was very slightly pulled down in the past but has been brought back up to its true position. It should be stressed that this was a very small and minimal pull down. 
This is a serious playing SBA! If you are looking for a really special player with a dark sound you will not want to miss out on this beauty. It ships out in perfect playing condition with the original neck and a modern contoured case.