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WOW! ORIGINAL LACQUER Selmer Balanced Action Alto Sax with Art Deco Engraving! # 21130

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Our Price: $ 4,995.00

Product ID: 21130SelmerBAAlto


HELP, I Want One!

We very rarely see original lacquer Selmer Balanced Actions, but this one is the real mccoy: a 1935 vintage ORIGINAL Selmer Paris Balanced Action alto sax, serial number 21130. To sweeten the pot further, it features a unique engraving pattern, sort of a mix of the traditional Selmer floral pattern with an art-deco inspired theme. This is a tremendous horn for serious collectors, you probably will never see an original lacquer BA like this again.


As you can see in the photos, the original lacquer does show a fair amount of wear, but it has definitely never been refinished. Despite the lacquer wear, the horn is in solid physical condition. There are no dents or dings, and no resoldered joints. The neck is original, and it has never been pulled down. Once upon a time, this horn was played quite a bit, but was obviously never abused, and the lacquer wear is from honest use.


This alto had been sitting for a number of years when we received it, and was well past due for a “freshening up.” It is currently in the Saxquest repair shop in line for a complete overhaul. We'll disassemble and clean the horn, replace all pads and material, and adjust spring tensions and key heights back to optimal, factory specs.


I'm super excited to see this alto once our work is complete. Even surrounded by vintage horns every day, I don't get a chance to play original lacquer Balanced Actions very often, and when they come along, they are always a blast. Playing on the olds pads currently, the sax has a warm, slightly spread tone, and offers good control and flexibility. It is obviously a bit resistant now on the old pads, but it should be very free blowing once we finish the restoration. A great piece of Selmer history!