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WOW! Original Gold Plated Buescher Curved True Tone Soprano – High F , Serial #157609

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Vintage Gold Plated True Tone – Keyed to High F
This is a vintage Buescher True Tone curved soprano in original gold plating, serial number 157609. Talk about a real beauty! This soprano is in incredible mint condition and was just freshly overhauled in the Saxquest shop. The body, bell, bow, bow cap and original neck are all in perfect original condition. It also showcases all of the original pearl key touches in beautiful condition. The coolest thing about the sax is the key work up to palm F. The later vintage model with palm F is difficult to come by. 
The Saxquest professional overhaul included a dissemble of the instrument and cleaning before the key fitting and regulation. It is now in perfect playing condition and now features all new Valentino premium pads, metal  resonators, new corks and felts. Ships in original wood Buescher case. This soprano plays with a gorgeous warm color. The gold plating also adds a slightly deeper resonant quality to the way the instrument plays as well. With the work done to the horn the key work is super comfortable and ultra fluid under the fingers. This sax is an absolute blast to play ships in perfect playing condition with original Buescher box case.