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WOW! Original Gold Plate King H.N. White Saxello Soprano Sax, Serial #68480

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Product ID: 68480KingSaxello


HELP, I Want One!

Gold Plated King Saxello

This is a true collector's piece: a vintage H.N. White King Saxello in original gold plate, serial number 68480. This instrument is a beauty and is one of the handful of horns that every real collector needs to have in their inventory. The gold plating looks great and this sax is a fine player.


The Saxello is a Bb soprano with a semi-curved neck and 90 degree, “crowd facing” bell. King didn't make a bunch of these back in their history, so it has become a bit elusive for most players to get and play. This example is in fantastic shape. While there is the typical light surface scratching here and there that comes to any sax that gets played, the original gold plate shows only minimal finish wear, and is a solid 98% intact. There are no dents on the sax anywhere.


Pads on this horn are good, with many recently replaced, all fitted with flat metal resonators. It is playing very well as it sits, so in order to keep the price down, we are only going to do a minimalist adjustment on it, rather that our full pro set up. We'll make sure it is sealing and replace any material that is poor.


As you can see in the video, this is a sprightly soprano to play. People buy these horns to collect them, but you can be comfortable taking it out on a gig too. It plays with a quick response and has a lot more warmth and color that I was expecting, probably due to the heavy gold plating (and the silver plating underneath). This is a fun little horn to play. Ships in its original case and also includes the original display stand. These V stands were only included with a small number of Saxello's.