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Wow! Lightly Played Yanagisawa WO2 Unlaquered Sorpano Sax, Serial #00383604

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Our Price: $ 4,195.00

Product ID: 00383604YaniWO2Sop

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Almost New - Yanagisaw SW02 Soprano in Raw Bronze
This is a beautiful Yanagisawa WO2 soprano saxophone in un-lacquered/raw bronze, serial number 00383604. The soprano has only been played for a handful of hours and is in pristine physical condition. This soprano is also special because it is in the very hard to obtain un-lacquered finish. The W02 is a one piece soprano with a body tube featuring a high bronze content. Like all Yanagisawa saxophones the W02 showcases comfortable and compact key action to high F#.  The W02 models play with a darker color and deeper center compared to the standard W01 models. This horn in particular seems to be more open and more responsive to air flow due to the raw finish.
Looking over the sax very carefully it shows just a little bit of past play time but nothing too much outside of a some light scratches. Because the sax does not have a lacquer finish you can expect the raw body to take on its own unique character over time. While we have this sax in our shop we will give it the same pro set-up we give all of our brand new Yanagisawa saxophones as well as give it a good cleaning. 
This saxophone is still with the original Yanagisawa case as well as most of the original new horn accessory pack. If you are seriously looking at getting a Yanagisawa soprano this is a great way to get one at a lower price and with out the wait.