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WOW! Handmade Vintage David Guardala Gold Plated David Liebman Signature for Soprano

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Liebman Signature by David Guardala SN G-561 - REDUCED PRICE
This is an extremely rare and hard to come by mouthpiece. Vintage David Guardala hand made David Liebman signature for soprano saxophone, serial number G-561. Physically the mouthpiece is in as about as nice condition as you will see. The gold plating shows only the most modest cosmetic wear from previous ligature placement. Its hand finished facing profile is also in fantastic original condition as is the original pink bite plate. The inner workings feature a bullet chamber and a long roll to the baffle below the tip rail. This should be considered a fairly bright playing piece in comparison to most things on soprano. The tip opening on this mouthpiece is .082”, this is around an 8 or an 8*. 
Mouthpiece ships with original cap and ligature set as well as the original body tube.