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WOW! Gorgeous Selmer Paris Super Action 80 SII Alto in Gold Lacquer, Serial #615622

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Product ID: 615622SelmSIIAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Beautiful Selmer SII
This is a very pretty Selmer Paris Super Action 80 SII alto saxophone gold lacquer, serial number 615622. As shown in the photos it does not look like the previous owner put very much play time on it. Its body is physically and cosmetically in near mint condition. There is absolutely no history of past repairs. No dent work and zero re-solders. There is a few light scratches here and there but nothing serious. The body tube, bell, bell flare, bow and bow cap are all in tremendous original condition. 
The Selmer SII alto is arguably one of the most successful and highest selling saxophones of all time. They have long been a top shelf choice for some of the worlds finest professional players. This one in particular showcases a warm centered sound full of color. It is also an exceptionally flexible alto regarding sonic versatility and projection. The key work is smooth and compact under the fingers allowing for ultra fluid motion. Because the saxophone has not been extensively played the pearls still have a nice and new feel about them. This saxophone is keyed up to high F#.
This alto is currently awaiting a professional set-up in the Saxquest shop and will soon be in perfect playing condition. Saxquest is going to set the horn up on its current set of premium leather pads and metal resonators. The pads are in great shape and have a ton of life left. If you are looking to save a bunch of money vs buying a brand new SII this is an amazing opportunity. This gorgeous Selmer Paris SII ships out in perfect playing condition in a wood Selmer Paris box case.