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WOW! Gorgeous ORIGINAL Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Sax - Serial # 51810

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Stunning American Engraved Selmer SBA with Original Metal Resos

This is an absolutely gorgeous, all original Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action alto saxophone, serial number 51810. The serial number dates this horn to 1953, just before the introduction of the Mark VI. It is in stunning shape, and has spent most of its life languishing in its case. We're ready to put it in the hands of a player who will enjoy it!


As you can see in the photos, this horn looks incredible. The original lacquer is 95% intact, with only light typical wear from mild use. There are 2 spots of previous repairs that I can see: one small ding removed from the lower part of the body tube (between the serial number stamping and the thumbrest), and some minor work on the “front” side of the bottom bow, where some original lacquer has been cooked. Absolutely no resolders, and the original neck (with matching serial number) has never been pulled down. This is a true gem of a horn.


It almost goes without saying, but this alto came to us on completely original factory pads. Obviously at this point they are nearly 70 years old, well past serviceable, so this alto is currently in our repair shop in line for a complete overhaul. We'll replace all pads and material, and optimize spring tensions and key heights throughout, putting the sax back in factory regulation. As the horn still has all of its original screwback metal resonators, those will be reused, for a truly factory appearance.


Even though the pads are old, this alto is still playing a bit through leaks, and it is warm and lush as you can possibly imagine. It has a sweet spread to its tone that envelops the listener, and its response is quick without a lot of pushback to the player. I can't wait to play this one once our work is complete! It will ship in perfect adjustment, and comes in its original case as pictured.