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WOW! Freddie Gregory Super Deluxe 6* Hard Rubber #F10 Mouthpiece for Soprano Sax

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Product ID: F10FGregSopSDeluxPC


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Freddie Gregory Super Deluxe Hard Rubber
This is a Freddie Gregory Super Deluxe 6* hard rubber #F10 mouthpiece for soprano sax. Freddie made some of the most beautiful hand crafted pieces and this one is no exception. It shows some standard cosmetic character but is in tip top physical condition around the body, beak and shank. Its facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is excellent. This is easily one of the most colorful playing soprano mouthpieces we have in the shop right now. The piece has a medium chamber with a noticeable baffle arc. It takes the air in very efficiently while allowing for a nice amount of positive resistance to lean into. 
The tip opening of this mouthpiece measures .065”.