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Wow! Florida Vintage Otto Link 6* Super Tone Master – Niewood .115.

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Product ID: OttoLinkFl6sBari11


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Adam Niewood Re-Face .115
This is a vintage Florida Otto Link Super Tone Master for baritone sax. The piece was originally stamped a 6* but was recently worked on by Adam Niewood. It now measures .115” at its tip opening. This is one of the earlier models made in Florida before they started stamping USA on the shank.  The mouthpiece features an open throat and chamber leading into rounded inner side walls. It also shows off a subtle rolled baffle shaping below the tip rail. 
The piece is in nice condition and shows off a clean body and black bite plate. These pieces are a great option for someone looking for a bari mouthpiece that has great projection while keeping a full and not overly bright sound quality. This piece in particular has an rich sound and excellent control and response to air flow. 
The tip opening on this mouthpiece measures .115