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WOW! Custom Gold Plate Sterling Silver Pearl PF-775 Elegante, Serial #96502

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Product ID: 96502PearlFlute


HELP, I Want One!

Custom Gold Plated on Sterling Silver
This is an incredible pro model Pearl Elegante PF-775 flute, serial number 96502. The Elegante flutes from this period in the late 1990's were all hand made from top to bottom in Japan. This flute show cases solid sterling silver body, foot joint and head joint. The previous owner of this flute had it special ordered from pearl with a gold plated body, head joint and foot joint. Its keys were left silver plated. The 775 model also features low B foot, open holes, inline G, pointed key arms and pinless mechanism.
The previous owner of this flute did a spectacular job maintaining it. It is physically in pristine condition. Additionally all of the pads are in great shape and have a ton of life left in them. As a player this is unquestionably an incredible buy for its price point. Most all hand made Japanese flutes currently on the market start closer to $6,000. This flute is  in line to be checked out in our shop and ships out in perfect playing condition. 
  • Sterling Silver Body – Gold Plated
  • Sterling Silver B Foot Joint – Gold Plated
  • Strerling Silver PF Head Joint – Gold Plated
  • Pointed Key Arms 
  • Pinless Mechanism
  • Open Key Holes – Includes Plugs 
  • Silver Plated Keys
  • Drawn Tone Holes 
  • French case with carrying bag